Welcome to Sage Gorilla

Sage Gorilla provides services that accelerate your evolution into being a great manager.   Our process of combining collaboration with other new managers, teaching you important new management skills, and one-on-one coaching acts as an accelarant to help you move from being the new manager in your corporate jungle to be the shining star on your company’s management team.

What We Do

We help new managers start off strong in their new management career and tenured managers advance their careers. Sage Gorilla’s programs help lay the foundation for high performing, effective managers using three key progam components:

  • Management Forums:   Face-to-face brainstorming and problem solving sessions with other managers at your level facilitated by a Sage Gorilla coach
  • On-going education:  Classes and seminars designed to explore and teach critical management skills
  • One-on-one coaching:  Regular one-hour coaching sessions designed to address your specific needs and to help you customize and implement your learnings

Who We Are

Sage Gorilla was born from CEO Amy Miller’s conviction that committed and experienced guidance can help anyone discover untapped management skills, innovation and success. A strong advocate for the Columbia Approach to Professional Coaching, Sage Gorilla inspires its clients to realize their personal and professional potential.

Please contact us to start constructing your evolution today.